Wednesday, September 16, 2015

We're back!

We've kind of been busy since I last posted.  Had 2 more kids, went to law school in Pennsylvania, and now Skipper is a legit lawyer.  He makes me call him Esquire now.

What better way to start up our families blog than to post pictures of my amazing kids.  

We recently moved to Vernal.  Skipper was hired by a law firm in Roosevelt.  The kids are loving it here and are making good friends already.  I took these pictures at a park out of town that is a memorial for Pearl Harbor, it's called "Remember the Maine" park.  It has a great play area, lots of grass, and pretty walking trails. We only take pictures once a year and I am glad it's over, ha ha!  Sawyer just wanted to run around.....and Sophie..... and Violet.  Madeline was a great listener, or maybe she just liked posing.

 Madeline, 8 almost 9.

 Sawyer 3, and although I would love to see him smile, I love getting pictures of him being a goof ball.

 Sophie 6, look at those baby blues.

 After trying to get him to sit still Skipper told him to "Hug the tree and smile at mom." It worked.

 We were singing and acting crazy to get Violet to look at us, so I think Sawyer wanted in on the action.  I am glad that he did because look at the cuteness.

 My little model Madeline.

 Violet, almost one, she is such a pretty little thing.

 I told the girls I wanted a picture of them and they came up with the pose.  Even though they fight I know deep down they are best buddies.

 So I didn't get ONE picutre where they were all looking at me and smiling, but I did get this and I am not gonna lie, I kind of love it.  Skipper says that it looks like a cd cover haha!

Another one of Sawyers cuteness.

When we got home I quickly took a picture of each kid on this little chair we have outside, which is what Madeline suggested in the first place.  They turned out pretty cute :)

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